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Rates often vary depending on the size and use of the project.


My fees are in line with industry standards and Equity guidelines, they start at £250 inc. VAT for a Basic Studio Fee (BSF).  


Dependant, then, on the broadcast medium, audience, usage, and length of script an additional fee may be added, this is called a usage fee

For easy to use guides (and ones that many VOs refer to), click on the links below

If you are a charity or start up business, just drop me a line as I'm always happy to consider any project.

A full copy of my terms and conditions can be found here Terms and Conditions

Under no conditions do I endorse or allow my voice, my previous or future work, to be used for the production or sale of AI voice models, text to speech or synthetic voices, on any platform or medium, known now, or in the future, in a part of the universe. 

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